Why Schema Therapy?

Trying to choose between psychotherapies can be mind-boggling. There are so many different therapies available, each with their own peculiar methods and assumptions, that it can be hard to know where to start. Of course, most therapists believe in their own models, so if you ask them for advice they will tend to be rather biased. We recommend that – whatever form of therapy you eventually choose – you make sure there is scientific evidence that it is effective for the difficulties you have.

Schema Therapy has been repeatedly researched using robust scientific methods. This has demonstrated that Schema Therapy is an effective treatment for many chronic mental health problems previously thought of as difficult to treat. Most studies have found Schema Therapy to be significantly more effective than other forms of psychotherapy and counselling. We have summarised some of the evidence for Schema Therapy here.

Like other therapists, we are biased towards their own model of therapy! Here are some of the features of Schema Therapy that we particularly like:

  • The model is accessible and simple to understand, but powerful in application
  • Schema Therapists tend to be warm and active in meeting your emotional needs
  • Schema Therapists treat you like a real person and let you see that they are one too
  • Schema Therapists can challenge you – in a kind way (!) – to change unhelpful patterns
  • The therapy isn’t about short-term fixes, it goes deeper to change the way you feel about yourself and your life
  • Schema Therapists are open and explicit about their approach
  • Schema Therapy uses powerful methods that can really shift how you feel in the session.