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Schema Therapy Services (U.K.)

Schema Therapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy designed to help people who are stuck in recurring, unhelpful patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour. It provides a clear model for understanding our reactions and how these may have been shaped by our past experiences. The therapy involves getting to the core of a person’s psychology – the way they make sense of things – the raw feelings and inner conflicts that shape their reaction to their circumstances. It uses a range of powerful methods for altering the way you feel about yourself, other people and how you cope with your relationships and life.

I am Patrick Harper, director of Schema Therapy Services and an ISST Certified Advanced Schema Therapist. I provide Schema Therapy for Individuals, Couples and in Groups, both online and face to face. I also provide supervision for practitioners of Individual and Group Schema Therapy, and for therapists in training.

Please explore this website to find out more about Schema Therapy and what I provide.