Schema Therapy Services

Schema Therapy Services provide specialist psychotherapy for adults aged 18+ who are experiencing  longstanding emotional and / or behavioural problems. We offer treatment for a wide range of difficulties including interpersonal problems, recurrent depression and anxiety, emotional instability and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.

Schema Therapy targets change at a deep psychological level, addressing core emotions, entrenched ideas and stuck patterns of behaviour. The therapy focuses on helping you to recognise and understand the links between your past experiences and present difficulties. In contrast with some other forms of psychotherapy, Schema Therapists offer an active approach towards healing long-standing emotional ‘wounds’. The therapy blends experiential, cognitive and behavioural techniques designed to alleviate painful emotions and enable you to develop healthy coping styles.

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Schema Therapy Services are proud to be one of the first U.K. providers of Individual Schema Therapy in the independent sector. Therapy is provided face-to-face in our consulting room located between Halifax and Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

skype-logo-feb_2012_rgb_500 We also provide therapy via Skype for those who prefer this option.

In addition we offer ISST Accredited Supervision in Individual Schema Therapy to U.K. practitioners wishing to gain certification in Schema Therapy, either face-to-face or via Skype. For further information please click here.