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Availability to Commence Therapy or Supervision

I offer individual therapy in 60 or 90 minute ‘slots’, for individual and couples work. I provide 2 slots for appointments in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Morning slots start at 9am – no earlier! Afternoon slots start at 1.30pm. Evening slots are available at 7pm and 8.15pm, Monday – Weds only.

If you need to commence therapy soon then it should be possible for me at this point so long as you are able to be flexible about the time that you are available. If you have limited availability / flexibility then we may not be able to commence therapy until our diaries coincide. I am willing to reserve a slot for you if you would like to wait to commence therapy at a particular time that suits you.

My availability differs depending on whether you require a weekly slot for therapy or would prefer fortnightly sessions.

I recommend that you should aim to start therapy with weekly sessions. Fortnightly sessions are possible for people who are higher functioning or who cannot afford weekly sessions. However, weekly sessions afford the best frequency to build momentum in your therapy and ensures against long gaps between sessions. It is also where the best evidence is for efficacy in Schema Therapy.  Please note that if you opt for fortnightly sessions, this may result in a 1 month gap in your sessions when I / you are on holiday.