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Group Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy Services are currently planning to commence a weekly face to face Schema Therapy Group from September 2021 in Hebden Bridge. This is a rare opportunity to undertake Group Schema Therapy in the independent sector, with one of the only certified Advanced Group Schema Therapists in the U.K. The group will proceed dependent on a sufficient number of individuals expressing an interest in this form of intervention. If you are interested in participating in our next Schema Group, please request a free initial consultation

Group Schema Therapy is in fact a powerful combination of group and individual Schema Therapy sessions, providing an intervention that can offer the ‘best of both worlds’. Sessions are carefully integrated so that the individual appointments provide a detailed attention to your specific needs and feelings, whilst the group session harnesses the added benefits of group therapy processes. Apart from group therapy being a cheaper option for undertaking a full course of Schema Therapy, our recent research has demonstrated that a combination of Group and Individual Schema Therapy is significantly more effective than standard treatments for Emotional Instability.

What are the added benefits of Schema Therapy in a Group?

  • Groups can be creative environments that provide opportunities to develop new insights and perspectives that may never have arisen in individual therapy.
  • Group Schema Therapy provides extra opportunities to develop healthy connections and learn about relationships within a safe environment.
  • Participants often find that the group helps them to feel a level of understanding and acceptance that may not have been possible to achieve in individual therapy.
  • Groups can provide helpful challenges to the way you view yourself or others that may feel more authentic and powerful than those offered by a therapist.
  • Groups members can benefit by learning from one another and helping one another.
  • The group format of Schema Therapy enables you to participate in powerful experiential exercises for change that aren’t possible in individual therapy.
  • Group Schema Therapy may be a more potent intervention than individual Schema Therapy alone.

Practicalities of Combined Individual & Group Therapy

The group involves a maximum of 6 participants with 1 therapist running the group. The combined therapy programme is delivered in the following format:

  • 32 sessions of Group Schema Therapy delivered Sept 2021 – July 2022. Group sessions last 90 minutes, and will be delivered face-to-face in a venue in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
  • 8 sessions of Individual Schema Therapy and assessment. Individual sessions will be delivered remotely via Zoom sessions, at a mutually suitable time. 

Group therapy sessions will run weekly on Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm – 9pm. Sessions will be structured to broadly fit around school term times.

Discounted rates are available for individuals who earn less than the U.K. living wage.