Combined Individual & Group Schema Therapy

Participants can benefit in different ways from both individual and group therapy. Combining Individual with Group Schema Therapy provides an intensive, twice weekly therapy that can offer the ‘best of both worlds’. Sessions are carefully integrated so that the individual appointment provides detailed attention to your specific needs and feelings, whilst the group session harnesses the added benefits of group therapy processes.

What are the added benefits of Group Therapy?

  • Groups can be creative environments that provide opportunities to develop new insights and perspectives that may never have arisen in individual therapy.
  • Group Schema Therapy provides extra opportunities to develop healthy connections and learn about relationships within a safe environment.
  • Participants often find that the group helps them to feel a level of understanding and acceptance that may not have been possible to achieve in individual therapy.
  • Groups can provide helpful challenges to the way you view yourself or others that may feel more authentic and powerful than those offered by a therapist.
  • Groups members can benefit by learning from one another and helping one another.
  • The group format of Schema Therapy enables you to participate in powerful experiential exercises for change that aren’t possible in individual therapy.
  • Group Schema Therapy may be a more potent intervention than individual Schema Therapy alone.

Practicalities of Combined Individual & Group Therapy

The combined therapy programme is delivered in the following format:

  • 48 sessions of Individual Schema Therapy are delivered weekly for 50 minutes per session. This includes 2 sessions for initial assessment, to meet the therapists & prepare for the group.
  • 46 sessions of Group Schema Therapy are delivered weekly for 90 minutes per session. The group involves a maximum of 6 participants with 2 therapists running the group.

Group therapy sessions run weekly on Tuesday evenings, 8:00 – 9:30 pm, for 46 weeks of the year, breaking for one week at usual school holidays.