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Meet Patrick Harper

I founded Schema Therapy Services (U.K.) Ltd in 2016 as an independent psychotherapy practise. I worked in a broad range of NHS Mental Health settings from 1997 – 2021, gaining a number of clinical leadership roles and becoming a Consultant Psychological Therapist. In 2021 I resigned from the NHS to pursue my passion for Schema Therapy in full time independent practise, providing specialist psychotherapy and supervision. 

Originally from Northern Ireland, I lived and studied in Manchester for 15 years and subsequently moved to the West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, where I have lived with my family for over 15 years. I enjoy a being an active dad, cooking curry, making music and outdoor pursuits – including the occasional paragliding flight!

During my career so far, I have gained substantial experience of developing, leading and delivering therapeutic programmes for people with a very broad range of mental health presentations, including very complex and severe presentations in outpatient and inpatient environments. I have summarised my career milestones and experience below. 

Patrick Harper: Experience

2017 – 2021 Consultant Psychological Therapist & Service Lead, Intensive Psychological Therapy Service

2014 – 2016 Principal Psychlogical Therapist & Clinical Lead, Intensive Therapy Centre

2013 – 2018 Principal Investigator, Group Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder Research Trial

2012 – 2021 Clinical Lead, Group Schema Therapy, Helios Centre, Lynfield Mount Hospital

2008 – 2012 Senior Psychological Therapist, Bradford District Care Trust

2002 – 2007 Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Salford Primary Care Psychology Services

1997 – 2002 Social Worker (Mental Health) Trafford Community Mental Health Services

Patrick Harper: Training Overview

1995 – 1997 PG Diploma Social Work, Manchester University

1999 – 2002 MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Manchester University

2001 – 2004 PG Diploma Cognitive Therapy, Newcastle Centre for CBT

2004 Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, Dr Jeff Young

2007, 2008 Schema Focused Therapy, Prof. Arnoud Arntz, Oxford Centre CBT

2010 ISST Conference, Berlin

2011 Schema Therapy 7 day training, Dr Kerry Beckley, Ashworth Hospital

2012, 2013, 2015 Group Schema Therapy Training, Dr Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw

2016 ISST Conference, Vienna

2018 ISST Conference, Amsterdam

2019 ISST Summer School, Edinburgh

2021 Schema Couples Therapy Certification Training, Prof. Eckhard Roediger

Group Schema Therapy Training with Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw, London 2012

Patrick Harper: Supervision and Certification

I have been fortunate to be clinically supervised by a number of leading Schema Therapists:

2011 – 2014 Guido Sijbers

2014 – 2017 Ida Shaw & Joan Farrell

2017 – now  Dr Susan Simpson

I gained ISST certification as an Advanced Schema Therapist in 2014 and as an Advanced Group Schema Therapist in 2016. This means that my practise has been carefully assessed to meet the rigorous clinical standards required by the International Society of Schema Therapy.


In addition to the above I have been accredited by the BABCP as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist since 2006. This means that my practise conforms to the high standards of expertise, professional development and supervision expected of psychotherapists in the U.K.


In addition to the above, and perhaps more excitingly, I am currently training as an Elementary Pilot with the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association 🙂 

Paragliding in Yorkshire Dales, 2021