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What is Schema Therapy?

Schema Therapy is a distinctive form of psychotherapy that was originally developed by Dr Jeffrey Young during the 1980s / 90s to improve treatment for people who weren’t responding well to standard Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). He recognised that many people with lifelong difficulties needed to address the psychologically deep structures of their early emotions, memories and beliefs, which shaped their interpretation of events. These core emotional themes – or schemas – are implicated in much of human distress. Read more about schemas here

Schema Therapy integrates the strongest elements of a number of well established forms of psychotherapy to create a powerful method for treating many forms of mental health problem. It has emerged as a leading evidence-based psychological therapy, with research demonstrating it to be a highly effective treatment for recurrent conditions previously thought to be untreatable. Unfortunately, however, Schema Therapy remains difficult to access in many health care systems across the world.

Schema Therapy:

  • – Is founded on a structured, logical and evidence based model developed via careful clinical research
  • – Is underpinned by Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, recognising how innate Core Emotional Needs are necessary for healthy development
  • – Integrates the therapeutic power of dialogues between different ‘parts of self’, developed out of Gestalt and Emotion-focused therapies
  • – Recognises the how the dynamics of our early environment may be played out in later life, as highlighted in Psychoanalytic Theory
  • – Incorporates important interventions from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for assessment and therapy
  • In addition, Schema Therapy has developed many distinctive and unique features. Central to these is our therapeutic approach of Limited Reparenting. This enables us to truly engage with our clients as an active agent of change. This is powerfully enacted both in the therapy relationship and in our supportive approach to Imagery Rescripting.
  • Please explore this site to read more about Schema Therapy and how it works.

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